Current hospital partnerships
Hübl Kaulhausen Greiner Und Fachärzte
Hospital Partnerships
Improving newborn and maternal outcome by training delivery room staff
Partner Country: Eritrea
Urologeneinsatz Manambaro
Hospital Partnerships
Improving patient care and safety at Manambaro Hospital, Southern Madagascar
Partner Country: Madagascar
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Hospital Partnerships
Establishment of an interdisciplinary casualty unit at Zomba Central Hospital
Partner Country: Malawi
Ukraine Cursiefen2
Hospital Partnerships
Optimized corneal transplant surgery against blindness in Ukraine
Partner Country: Ukraine
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Hospital Partnerships
Fighting against the illness Chagas
Partner Country: Bolivia

Project phases

Below are the key project phases – from application, to project implementation and completion of your projects.

Drafting the agreement
Completion of the project

  1. 1. Before submitting your proposal, we recommend that you study the information published on our website concerning the terms and conditions and the various project phases.
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  2. 2. If you and your partner do not yet have a specific idea for your partnership project, we recommend you begin formulating a joint idea for a project in good time before submitting your proposal.
  3. 3. Submit your proposal online via the Health Partnerships – Global application portal. Besides general information, your proposal must also provide specific details on your idea for a project. Here you will find detailed guidelines on how to submit a proposal along with the necessary application forms.
    Download on application guide

  1. 1. Once the application deadline has passed, the secretariat checks the proposals to make sure they meet the formal criteria.
  2. 2. After that, the content is appraised by an expert committee comprised of medics with experience in development cooperation.
  3. 3. During the appraisal phase, we may ask you to supply certain additional items of information lacking in your proposal or to clarify certain issues.
  4. 4. BMZ, EKFS and GIZ make the final selection of partnership projects.
  5. 5. Applicants are notified about their proposal’s approval or rejection within four to six months of the submission deadline.

  1. 1. Before the agreement is drafted, the German partner organisation's commercial eligibility is checked.
  2. 2. If your proposal is approved, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH enters into a grant agreement stipulating the approved funds, the planned activities and reporting duties.
  3. 3. To enable us to conduct the commercial eligibility check or when drafting the agreement, we may require you to submit additional documents.
  4. 4. Please note that activities cannot start until both sides have signed the agreement.

  1. 1. The planned activities are implemented by experienced professionals on both sides.
  2. 2. The German partner is responsible for implementation, regular reporting and financial management. This includes the funding needs plan, the regular calls for disbursement and the accounts for the funds called up. The secretariat is informed of the projects’ implementation status in six-monthly status reports.
  3. 3. If you have any questions concerning implementation or if there are any impending changes in the project, please notify our secretariat in good time.

  1. 1. To successfully complete your project, you must submit your final invoice and your final report. The final report details the results generated by the project.
  2. 2. If you are interested in follow-on funding for your partnership, contact our secretariat for advice.
Funding phase
Current project status
Fifth funding round
2019 - 2021
Application period
22.10.2018 - 17.12.2018
Application period
January - March 2019
Selection of partnership projects
April 2019
Notification of applicants about their proposal’s approval or rejection
April - May 2019
Drafting the agreements
June 2019
Start of the projects
Fourth funding round
2019 - 2021
Selection of partnership projects
16.04.2018 - 11.06.2018
Application period
June - October 2018
Selection of partnership projects
October - November 2018
Notification of applicants about their proposal’s approval or rejection
October 2018 - January 2019
Drafting the agreements
From February 2019
Start of the projects
Third funding round
2018 - 2020
Project implementation
From September 2018
Start of the projects
Second funding round
2018 - 2020
Project implementation
First funding round
2017 - 2019
Project implementation

Terms and conditions for application

We promote existing and new partnerships between German organisations in the health sector and their partners in low and middle income countries. In both partner organisations, qualified experts must be responsible for implementing the project. To apply, both sides must confirm that they intend to cooperate.

Terms and conditions for the German applicant

The funding is applied for by the German organisation in cooperation with its project partner. The applicant must be a non-profit organisation or a public entity. An organisation submitting an application may implement several partnership projects simultaneously with various cooperation partners. However, the projects must differ from each other significantly in order to rule out any duplication of funding.

Possible applicants:

  • University hospitals and medical schools
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing facilities and rehabilitation centres
  • Health-related institutions/research institutions
  • Health-related associations and foundations
  • Non-profit organisations

Terms and conditions for the partner organisation

The partner organisation must be a health institution in a low or middle income country as defined by the OECD. This partner must deliver public health services on the ground and thus contribute to better health in the partner country. The partner organisation must be a legal entity or a legal person.

Possible partner organisations:

  • University hospitals and medical schools
  • Hospitals and rehabilitation centres
  • Health centres
  • Training institutions
  • Health-related NGOs

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Funding criteria

We support partnership projects that make a sustainable contribution to people’s health care in low and middle income countries. We base our selection on the following criteria:

The partnership project responds to a specific need identified jointly with the partner organisation.
The scheduling and financial planning of the partnership project is appropriate to the objectives. It is clear from the project proposal that responsibilities and processes for cooperation have been defined.
The project proposal provides a convincing explanation of the planned activities’ suitability for achieving the desired results.
The partnership project is designed to bring about positive changes beyond the funding period. The project proposal explains how these long-term results will be guaranteed.
The partnership project complies with ethical guidelines and the principles of the initiative.


A successful partnership project requires sound planning and responsible implementation, and is aligned with needs in the partner countries.

Deko Fachpersonal

Involvement of experienced experts on both sides

Committed and qualified staff in both organisations are the backbone of a good partnership.

Deko Verantwortung

Joint development of and commitment to the project’s activities and objectives

Right from the outset, the objectives and pertinent activities must be defined jointly by both partner organisations.

Deko Gemeinsameentwicklungen

Professional implementation, reporting and financial management

Professional project management is a major success factor.

Deko Eigenbeteiligung

Partner contributions to the project

The organisations submitting the proposal must make a contribution of its own to the funding and implementation of activities.

Tasks of the German applicant

Responsibility for implementation and financial management

As the contractual partner, you are responsible for implementing the planned activities and for managing the financial side of things. This is why the commercial capability of the German organisation is also verified when the agreement is drafted. The German project manager is the point of contact for the hospital partnerships’ secretariat for all questions concerning the project.

Assignment of experienced experts

To ensure the project is a success, it is crucial to assign qualified and committed experts for implementation.

Partner contributions to the project

The German project partner provides resources for the project, e.g. volunteers, personnel, a share of travel and transport costs, or materials and equipment, such as medical and technical products.

Regular documentation of progress

The German project partner reports on the project’s progress – and on any changes – every six months. When the project is complete, a final report is submitted.

Tasks of the partner organisation

Assignment of a responsible project officer

There must be a suitably qualified individual within the partner organisation who is responsible for implementing the agreed activities.

Commitment to the project’s objectives and activities

The partner organisation commits to using the agreed activities to help achieve the project’s objectives.

Contribution to six-monthly reporting

The partner organisation contributes to the six-monthly reports by providing information.

Financial support

To support your voluntary activities, we will provide up to EUR 50,000 for a maximum period of two years.

The following costs are eligible

© Giz Dirk Ostermeier Reisekosten

Travel expenses

e.g. flight costs, accommodation, board, visa, insurance, conference fees

© Giz Dirk Ostermeier Trainingskosten

Training expenses

e.g. room rental, training materials, translations, catering

© Giz Dirk Ostermeier Sachmittel

Costs for materials and equipment

e.g. equipment costs, consumables, renovation costs (totalling up to 30% of the funding amount)

© Giz Markus Kirchgessner Verwaltungskosten 1

Administration costs

(totalling up to 5% of the funding amount)

The following costs are not eligible

Personnel costs
Construction measures
Research costs

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